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MIRU is a solo map-making hexcrawl. Tell the story of a brave adventurer on a quest for vengeance! Explore the mysterious land that surrounds your idyllic solarpunk village – gather supplies, fight robots, puzzle over ruins, and prepare to kill the god who controls it all.

This adventure begins in 2125. The world is at peace. Humanity has survived the harsh effects of global warming by isolating themselves into smaller communities that are self sufficient. While technology is not much more advanced from today, autonomous robots help people thrive.

One night you and your brother are walking around the village. As you pass by a community farm your brother notices a farm bot sparking. Unfortunately it reacts to the sound of you walking in its direction and it glitches out. In the chaos, it slams itself against your brother and kills him. You chase after the bot but it disappears into the woods.

After all of this, you remember the rumor you heard years ago that if the god that controls these bots dies, the robots leave the area. You don’t know if the god stories are true, what it even looks like, or how to kill it. But the old gods are no longer, so this one must have limits as well. Without giving it much more thought, you pack your things and sneak off into the woods at the break of dawn to go kill a god.

  • Requires 3 d6 dice, 2 d20 dice, and something to write with
  • 60-page staple-bound A5 softcover
  • Mono-color cover & interior

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HINOKODO, Mimic Publishing Collective


Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci Fi

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Hexcrawl, Map-making, Solo

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