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Everyone loves a sequel!

MIIRU (or MIRU 2) is the solo adventuring, map-making hexcrawl followup to MIRU (MIRU 1) – now with brand-new horror flavor! Your thirst for vengeance took you far and wide, beyond the idyllic post-apocalyptic solarpunk dome you call home. You made friends and enemies, puzzled through the ruins of the world, and tried to kill a god. Wait, you tried to kill a god? Yes! And now that god is angry and coming after you.

It’s 2125. Humanity lives on and the world is much greener than it is today. However, society as we know it, collapsed in the 2050s after many people volunteered to live forever. Most work became automated and controlled by an AI named Alora. She held a cult-like presence and claimed to be a god. “Those who follow me, shall be gifted peace in this life and eternity in the after”. Because of the pressures of the world at the time, many folks signed up. The world completely changes and as time passes, so does the truth. Alora stayed out of sight & mind, and “god” became another rumor.

MIRU II begins 1 day after MIRU ended.

You’re on the run from a massive flying machine. Your entire village is migrating east because you’ve accidentally destroyed their access to food. You’re running into an area you’ve never been in before and the weather is getting noticeably worse. You’re heading right towards a nightmare.

  • Playable as a standalone game but much more rewarding to play after your MIRU (MIRU 1) game concludes
  • 56-page, staple-bound softcover
  • Mono-color cover and interior

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HINOKODO, Mimic Publishing Collective


Dark Fantasy, Horror, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci Fi

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Hexcrawl, Map-making, Solo

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