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You Got A Job On The Garbage Barge


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Surely you’ve heard of the Garbage Barge? Everyone knows about the Garbage Barge! Floating from town to town, accumulating life, the barge is so much more than a ship – it’s a surreal, cursed wreck and a magical sanctuary all in one.

You are a wizard or a pirate radio operator or a raccoon or a barge worker, or maybe you raise goats in the listing high rise that’s been dumped on the stern. Things grow in the trash. Chemicals are leaching out of rusted barrels, growing legs, and setting off to seek their fortune. Beetles tell you their life stories, raccoons steal your pens. Something in a diving suit disappears into oil-slick bilge water in search of baroque pearls. A forest of rebar sings in the salt wind. Out past the gas lake, there’s a town on fire. It’s been like that as long as anyone can remember.

They say that no matter how far into the trash you go, it keeps going.

This comprehensive guide and adventure module includes maps, monsters, over 100 types of trash, and a bunch of drawings of raccoons. Learn about the denizens of the barge and take on a garbage quest! Did you know the Garbage Barge now boasts its own magically-enhanced subway system? It sure does!

The Garbage Barge is calling to you. Can you hear it?

  • A setting and adventure zine for any rules lite OSR system – may we recommend Cairn? Or Troika?
  • 60 pages, A5 staple-bound with b&w interior

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Amanda Lee Franck


Comedy, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Nautical, Psychedelic, Slice of Life, Surrealism

RPG Systems


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Adventure Module, OSR

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