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A prophecy told in your youth dictates that only fang and claw will rend your destiny, so you must be reborn as beast.

If you notice one thing about WolfSpell, it’s the lovely, prog-rock inspired cover art from Shel Kahn. If you notice two things about WolfSpell, it’s that IT’S FREAKING HUGE!!1!

WolfSpell is an RPG by Epidiah Ravachol, printed on a trifold LP cover. Are there vinyl LPs that go into this album cover, you ask? No, there are not, but if there were they would be wild and frenetic concept albums, telling a story of companions turned by magic into feral beasts of north!

WolfSpell uses a 2d6 system and requires a moderator. We’ve selected a pair of frosty 30mm d6s to go alongside WolfSpell, should you be so inclined.

  • 12″ x 12″ full-color tri-fold LP cover
  • No vinyl LP discs are included

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Epidiah Ravachol, Shel Kahn


Dark Fantasy, Fantasy

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