Lost Worlds by William Stout (Series 1)



William Stout is an illustrator and production artist who specializes in paleo-art and was one of the first US contributors to the French magazine Heavy Metal. His illustrations of dinosaurs are some of the most beautiful and artful depictions of them ever made. If you ever have had even a passing interest in dinosaurs, you’ve probably seen his art somewhere. In addition to paleo-art, he’s worked on films like Pan’s Labyrinth and Men in Black.

These cards are really a grab-bag of different art from Stout’s career up until the early 90s. In them you’ll find beautiful paintings of dinosaurs and other extinct creatures, fantasy art, promotional and concept art for films, even bootleg album covers. A variety of styles, but all beautifully rendered in meticulous in detail.

  • These trading cards are vintage stock and were produced in 1993 by Comic Images.
  • Because of their age, cards may stick together and slightly degrade the print. (Gently flex the cards with your hand before opening to help with this.)
  • Each sealed pack comes with 10 random cards, and there are 90 cards in the complete set.
  • Gimmick cards include rare “chromium” cards.

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Fantasy, Historical, Prehistoric, Sci Fi


William Stout