Wildcards: Edible Wild Foods Playing Cards


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Love adventures on the hiking trail as much as adventures at the gaming table? Always wanted to tap into your inner hippie but not sure where to start? Perhaps you’re simply a fan of being prepared for anything.

Wildcards are playing cards with a delightfully vintage vibe, think “biology textbook from 1992” or “fun surprise you found in the glovebox of a used Subaru.” Deck includes detailed information about 52 different edible plants, including color photos, growing regions, potential hazards, and various preparation methods. Don’t worry – if you’d rather play a game than forage, Wildcards are a functional*, traditionally-suited deck ready for your next camping trip (or your next folksy, forested, or otherwise sylvan TTRPG).

These cards are “marked,” in that plant photos clearly differentiate the backs of each card, and are not suitable for some games.

  • Includes 52 full-color, informational playing cards with traditional suit marks in a tuck box
  • Comes with a keychain for keepin’ your new knowledge close at hand
  • Can be used in conjunction with Linda Runyon’s various wild foods guidebooks
  • 2.25″ x 3.5″

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