Whispers in the Walls 2E


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A horror solo journaling RPG about the knowledge of the walls.

“If the walls could talk,” they always said.

But you know better. In the late hours, during the absolute darkness, the walls will open their maws and whisper their secrets, shared through cries and wails and mimicry of the horrors within. You’re a private investigator with the unique talent of teasing out their mysteries and piecing together their meanings.

There’s no better-suited profession for the solo RPG enthusiast than Private Investigator. Whispers in the Walls sends you to a variety of haunting locations, from abandoned schoolhouses to foreboding museums to dusty Victorian homes. Pick your most unsettling deck of playing cards and let the machinations of chance direct you to the clues you’ll use to solve the mystery. What does it all mean? What are the walls trying to tell you?

Includes generator tables for discovering rooms and items. Whispers in the Walls is highly re-playable – every session is uniquely creepy. Also great for character exploration and world-building in larger horror campaigns!

  • Full-color, 22-page, half-letter size saddle stitch zine
  • Second Edition adds: 10 new illustrations, completely redesigned layout, built-in player journal, extensive editing and fixes, and new rolling tables to help generate rooms and items

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