Welcome to the Habitrails



“Welcome to the Habitrails” is scratched into your living room wall. You didn’t write it. You’ve never thought to clean it off, either. It was here before you.

You arrived here a few days ago. You don’t remember how. The neighborhood is a simulacrum of a community. All the houses look the same, or close. All the houses look wrong. All the houses are broken.

Welcome to the Habitrails is a one-player, tarot-driven journaling game by Knave of Cups co-founder Ayolland. It is a surreal horror game about self-examination and surviving in a place that is hostile, ever-changing, yet uncomfortably familiar. It is heavily inspired by the ongoing pandemic, as well as classic surreal horror like Roadside Picnic and The Stranger. The game deals with themes of isolation, paranoia, grief, and mental illness. Grab your tarot deck with the wildest vibes and send yourself on a short, strange trip. Get attacked by mutants! Lose your leg in a bear trap! Join a cult! Stare down the void of existential dread!

Welcome to the Habitrails is featured in Soul Operator: Season 1!
Soul Operator is a new podcast focused on solo roleplaying games that blends narrative drama and tabletop actual play. Season 1 adapts Welcome to the Habitrails and is live now!

PDF download included
  • 32 page half-letter saddle-stitch zine with color cover and black and white interior
  • Gameplay requires a 78 card tarot deck

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Horror, Psychedelic, Sci Fi, Surrealism

RPG Terms

Diceless, Journaling, Solo, Storytelling, Tarot-driven

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