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People tried to resist at first. The army, just like in so many sci-fi films, were called in. Their bullets and shells seemed to glance off the thick chitin like pellets off of a suit of armour. They descended on humanity, feeding on us like flies. Covering every field, every street, every skyscraper in their thick sticky web. Before long, planet Earth was almost completely white. The remaining dregs of humanity hid, wearing white clothing and wrapping themselves in webs to blend in, sneaking from building to building, trying to survive the hell-scape that is planet Earth.

In a world ruled by spiders, stealth rules. You and your fellow survivors sneak from ruined, web-covered building to ruined, web-covered building. Collect supplies, meet up with others, and avoid the Hosts, humans with venom-poisoned brains and bodies filled with spider eggs. But remember, as you move, you risk tipping off Earth’s arachnid overlords. The World Weaver (GM) keeps tabs on the Webscape, the spiders’ sense of where you are. Every roll of the dice makes ‘noise’ – make too much noise, and the spiders will be at your door.

Webworld uses a unique Pool system, in which a well of non-replenishing dice represents each player’s health – players can select any amount to overcome challenges, but tire themselves as they progress. Game includes an introductory mission, lots of spider-based horror art, and six character classes as well as plenty of tables to create your scrappy survivors and their horrific home.

  • A rules-lite, combat-free game of post-apocalyptic stealth
  • 28-page, A5 saddle stitched zine, full color cover and interiors
  • For fans of media like Arachnophobia

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Neon Rot


Horror, Post-Apocalyptic

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