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We 3 Shall Meet Again


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This is a story game, and the story goes like this: Once upon a time, on the edge of a dark forest, three witches were cursed to share one body. They took turns living out days, never meeting, communicating only by post-it notes and dirty dishes while they searched for a way free.

It’s kind of a story about regret, bodily autonomy, and BAD roommates.

We 3 Shall Meet Again is a boldly-colored pamphlet* micro game for a trio of three witches, now cursed to share one body. While you’ll all meet in-person to open (and close) the game, the majority of your play will happen asynchronously, as each of you takes turns at the wheel of your host body. Leave one another notes however you can – a scrawled missive on the back of a torn envelope, a series of post-it notes, you get the picture. Can you free yourselves? Or at the very least, can you learn to live with one another?

*To be fair, “pamphlet” doesn’t really do this object justice. While it is technically a single piece of folded, cardstock paper, it possesses the gloss, grain, and vibrance of a very, very fancy greeting card. Or a wedding invitation. A wedding invitation that also happens to be an RPG. Wait, has anyone done that? Because maybe someone should.

  • Includes: one full-color tri-fold pamphlet and a neat witch sticker

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Ema Acosta


Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life

RPG Terms

Diceless, GM-Less, Journaling, Storytelling

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