The Alien World of Wayne Barlowe



Wayne Barlowe is a writer, painter, and concept artist who has a long career in film and publishing, including as a creature designer for Guillermo Del Toro on Hellboy and Pacific Rim. Barlowe is perhaps best known for his works of speculative evolution, imagining alien landscapes and biospheres as if he were a naturalist, and painting them in unnerving detail. He also likes to write about and paint gruesome demons from hell, which is extremely dope.

What I’m trying to tell you is that Wayne Barlowe knows how to paint a weird little guy. Top notch weird guys. Just look at them, and try to tell me “that’s not a high quality weird little guy.” You can’t, unless you’re a liar, in which case, get out of my store.

  • These trading cards are vintage stock and were produced in 1994 by Comic Images.
  • Because of their age, cards may stick together and slightly degrade the print. (Gently flex the cards with your hand before opening to help with this.)
  • Each sealed pack comes with 10 random cards, and there are 90 cards in the complete set.
  • Gimmick cards include rare autographed cards, “medallion” cards, “prism” cards, and a 3-card “Space Traveler” subset.

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