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Wands and Laser Guns


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You’ve gotta love a classic, comedic fish-out-of-water scenario! Y’know, an alien crash-lands on earth and moves in with a suburban family? Hijinks ensue. Or a modern kid goes back in time and hangs out with Leonardo DaVinci? Hijinks ensue. Let’s add one more – and we’ll even make it a solo game you can play:

High fantasy wizard gets teleported into a cyberpunk future! Hijinks ensue. Chaotic, goofy, rain-soaked neon hijinks!

Preserve as much of your magic as you can while you navigate the greatest hits such as: evil corporate overlords, street gangs jacked up on tech, medical mercenaries, glamorous rich assholes, and so many more. Use your wand sparingly – your laser gun is gonna have to handle the job! Want to make your experience even stranger? Play in duet mode and enlist a friend to deal out the action as your GM.

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Shouting Crow


Comedy, Cyberpunk, Fantasy, Sci Fi

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Duet, Solo

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