Wandering Gargoyle Dungeon Forest


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A stylish, pocket-sized, monochrome, system-agnostic adventure for enterprising fantasy sleuths. Whether you play it with royalty and dragons or something a little more surreal and modern, you’ll be tasked with tracking down a town’s missing forest. Yes, the forest – source of both employment and valuable material – has vanished. Walked away, apparently, on the back of a large, hungry gargoyle. This is all you know, but it should be enough for you to help! Pick your favorite adventure system and get to work (may we suggest Troika? or Cairn?)

  • 16 pages, staple-bound softcover, A6 – black and white
  • Published by Orbital Intelligence

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Orbital Intelligence, Sean Richer


Fantasy, Surrealism

RPG Systems

OSR-Friendly, System-agnostic

RPG Terms

Adventure Module

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