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Waffles for Esther


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Are you ready for a coffee caper?
A sherbet soirée?
Do you want to tango with a small-town troubled by treacherous tea times?
Don’t waffle on your decisions, the order is getting cold, and so is the case.

Need a lighthearted, slice-of-life, small town mystery? Waffles for Esther is a solo journaling, map-making, hard-hitting investigation into… where your regular customer, Esther, has disappeared to. Only you, diner server and amateur sleuth, can find her! Use your two stats, waitress and detective, as you visit locations around your town gathering clues and piecing together the answer. Esther will want her order of waffles, wherever she is – will you find her? Will she get them? The stakes have never been higher! (Untrue, this is a very chill game.)

  • Requires a coin (d2), a set of polyhedral dice, a deck of standard playing cards (no jokers), as well as pen and paper for play
  • 12 pages, A5 landscape, full color throughout

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Pandion Games


Mystery, Slice of Life

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GM-Less, Journaling, Map-making, Solo

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Hints and Hijinx