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Vortex Isles


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Welcome to Vortex Isles, a pirate-filled archipelago spiraling around a gargantuan vortex that is so dangerous that only those hiding from the law have settled here. Find a crew, steal a ship, and descend into the deep unknown in search of riches.

Here at Knave of Cups, we’re fans of the nautical life. Why, then, do we seem to have so few pirate games? Let’s change that. Vortex Isles is a watery point crawl treasure hunt for Cairn and 5e. It includes a pirate creation table, magical items, full descriptions/people/disturbances for every location you’ll visit, and two keyed island dungeons. The infamous Captain Lolligo stashed his hoard somewhere within a churning, pirate-filled whirlpool – can you and your crew track it down and claim it for yourselves?

  • 24-page color zine
  • Designed for Cairn and 5e (Level 3 for 5e)
  • Written by Jim Hall and Sebastian Yūe, with illustrations by Jim Hall

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Brooklet Games, Jim Hall


Fantasy, Nautical

RPG Systems

5E, Cairn

RPG Terms

Adventure Module, GM-required