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VOID 1680 AM


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Ah, the nighttime radio DJ: a folk figure, a soothing voice supporting long haul truckers and late study sessions alike. Some offer their advice. Some get nerdy about music. Some interview a rotating cast of personalities: the woman who saw an angel, the scientist who believes in shadow people, the author of a book about mothman.

VOID 1680 AM is a solo playlist-building game that allows you to live out your fantasy on the airwaves. What kind of show will you host? What kind of music will you play? Using a deck of cards and a d6 die, you’ll even have regular callers, people whose lives are now intertwined with yours. Expand their stories. Visit with them over the course of several shows. And of course, using a playlist builder – a streaming service, your iTunes music library, a shoebox full of cassettes – you’ll create your vibe. Feeling proud of your work? Submit it for “syndication,” a fancy word meaning, in this context, “the creator of this game owns an AM transmitter and will play your show and/or playlist over the honest-to-goodness actual airwaves on VOID 1680 AM’s real world counterpart.”

  • Requires a deck of playing cards, a d6 die, a playlist builder (streaming, desktop, or analog pen-and-paper/record-and-cassette collection), and a way to record yourself (app, tape recorder, document)
  • 28-page staplebound book with a bonus holographic VOID 1680 AM logo sticker
  • Cover by Jordan Witt, radio diagrams by Dylan Todd

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