Viva la Queer Bar


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Viva la QueerBar is a slice-of-life story game about a queer bar (or queer café) and the team who runs it. It’s a game about the pleasures and struggles of being part of a queer community.

Whether as a fantasy medieval tavern, a cyberpunk underground club, a real-world gay bar in a historical setting, an intergalactic queer bar on a spaceship, or anything else you can think of – the QueerBar lives wherever you want it to.

Built on the Descended from the Queen system, this GM-less storytelling RPG explores the lives of a group of coworkers who run a queer business. You don’t need to be queer, just down to play a queer character. And it doesn’t need to be a bar – it doesn’t even need to exist in our modern world! Zero-prep with safety tools included, Viva la Queer Bar launches easily with a deck of playing cards and your imaginations. Game includes 52 prompts as well as info on the history of queer bars and 23 portraits of famous real-world bars and cafes. Illustrations are all inspired by historical flyers for queer spaces.

Designed for 2-4 hour one-shots. Love the bar you created? Let it live on! Use it as a setting in the game of your choice.

  • A cooperative, GM-less storytelling game for 2-6 players
  • Requires a deck of playing cards
  • Use any setting you wish – sci-fi, fantasy, modern, historical
  • English version

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Descended from the Queen

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