Very Pretty Paleozoic Pals: Permian Nations

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Before even the Dinosaurs walked the land, fabulous Dimetrodons defined wetland fashion. Behorned Xenacanthus sharks deftly negotiated sacred treaties. Nautiloids and Ammonites plumbed the deepest of philosophical depths. Thrinaxodons and Broomistegas cooperatively developed sophisticated aquacultural techniques. These paleozoic folks learned well the values of peace, respect, cooperation and communication.

Then, of course, Humans came and the big bullies just took whatever they wanted.

Sure, some Troika spheres are familiar to us – kings and queens, wizards, maybe talking animals or flying cars. Then there are spheres like this one, a world where sentient prehistoric creatures developed a peaceful, complex society in the complete absence of humans. Underwater bars for many-tentacled citizens. Lumbering, long-necked magic practitioners. Sharp-toothed algae farmers and sculptors and doctors. This charming hardcover setting is packed full of places, creatures, lore, and colorful illustrations and comes with two adventures.

  • 6.06 x 0.59 x 8.54 inches
  • 101 full-color pages, thread-sewn hardcover

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Evey Lockhart, Melsonian Arts Council


Fantasy, Prehistoric, Surrealism

RPG Systems


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Adventure Module, GM-required

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