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UNCONQUERED is a bronze-age sword & sorcery & sandals & sci-fi tabletop role-playing game about journeys in an infinite universe.

UNCONQUERED is a rules-light adventuring system great for beginners and seasoned explorers alike. Tap into your inner sandal-wearing warrior, then add a hefty pour of surreal sci-fi and a dash of fantasy magic. Think Conan tropes plus Troika vibes, spell-casting, and lots of animal-based character options for the furries. Lots.

Create a Traveler easily, through a series of d6 rolls designed to take your character’s story deeper and deeper. Start with details like their lineage and occupation but quickly move onto the mementos they treasure and the omens surrounding their birth. Like all mythical figures, your character will follow a life-path journey as they explore the worlds of the Loom – using their omens and other aspects of their lives, you’ll choose personalized circumstances upon which they’ll earn XP.

Book includes imagination seeds galore, tables and charts ready to help players fill in the details of their world – currencies, Old Gods both major and minor, story hooks, NPCs, drugs, ruins, mysterious technologies, and so much more. Also includes (full-color!) artwork, the Chronicler’s Handbook (a guide for GMs), and a veritable cornucopia of hex-map generators. Environments, encounters, hazards, settlements, adventure sites – you name it, there’s a table for it!

  • 188 pages, A5 size, full-color casebound hardcover
  • Great for fans of pulp mythical sci-fi like John Carter of Mars, Flash Gordon, the Dark Souls video game series, and webcomics like Kill Six Billion Demons and Necropolis

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Monkey's Paw Games


Fantasy, Psychedelic

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Knave, OSR-Friendly

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Gamebook, GM-required, Hexcrawl, OSR

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