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Inspired by fiction like Stephen king’s IT or Stand By Me, Two Summers is a game from Côme Martin split over two summers separated by decades. It is a game about friendship and dramatic adventures, the kind of adventures that take place when we’re young and the kind of adventures that result from meeting once again as adults and discovering there are loose ends that remain to be tied.

Created by Côme Martin, Two Summers is a diceless system in which 1 GM guides 3 – 5 characters on a journey that spans time – first, as a group of teens in the 90s, then again as adults 30 years later. Storytelling and roleplaying are paramount as your group of friends uncovers and solves a mystery in their town.

Other Summers, an extended supplement for Two Summers, expands on the original’s ideas and storytelling possibilities, allowing you to add supernatural elements like time travel and parallel universes, change the setting from country to city or summer to winter, even play in other eras. Other Summers also includes a System Reference Document so you can design your own variants!

  • Two Summers is a full-color, 60 page zine
  • Other Summers is an 80 page supplement with an included SRD

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Côme Martin


Fantasy, Horror, Retro Nostalgia, Slice of Life

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Diceless, GM-required, Storytelling