Twelve Years


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Every twelve years, the Lich King rises from his slumber awaiting his coronation. Prophets warned that if he is not crowned, he will lead his skeletal minions on a rampage razing the known world. Each player is tasked with assembling a party of adventurers, finding a crown, and completing the coronation ritual. I would say good luck, but that is merely false hope. Failure and death are the most likely outcomes. Be warned.

Twelve Years is a 1+ player GMless hexcrawl and dungeon delving game, which is to say it’s pretty darn unique. Twelve Years, by Max Moon Games, is a very elegant distillation of old-school mechanics into a very modern format. Players both explore the wild overworld hex by hex, and delve into deep dungeons room by room. If you’ve ever been intrigued by crunchy old school mechanics like hexcrawls but are intimidated at the thought of learning to solo old-school systems designed for multiplayer, (me, I’m addressing me here,) this is a great game to start with. Succinct, crunchy, yet mechanically flexible.

  • 44-page half-letter saddle-stitch zine, black and white interior, cover is metallic ink on black paper.

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