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TTRPG Game-Packs Series A (Case of 12)


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The re-launch of our TTRPG game-packs!
Our game-packs have been re-designed to be easier to vend, and new games have been added!

Our TTRPG Game-Packs each contain a rules-light Tabletop Role-Playing Game from small and independent creators. Game Packs have everything needed to play the included game, and are labeled on the outside of the pack to explain what they are and how many players the game is for. Each pack includes a small zine detailing the rules for the game, as well as various gameplay components required.

As both an activity that can be played at your machine’s venue and as a unique and charming product, they’re an amazing value-add to any creative vending machine.

Each case of Series A game-packs contains 4 copies of each of the following games:

  • Together Among the Stars (2 player journaling game. Includes a journal & pencil, mini card deck and one d6)
  • Badger + Coyote (2 player animal hi-jinx game. Includes a journal & pencil, character sheets, and 4 d6s)
  • CYST (1+ player psychedelic dark fantasy games. Includes a journal & pencil, a coin, and a d8)

Note: the links above lead to the retail version of these games which vary slightly in size and format.
Learn more about our game-packs and our plans for more series in our 2023 Q4 Vending update!

Suggested retail price is $9/game-pack.

  • Each game-pack comes in a sealed and labeled 4.5in x 5.75in x ~1in clear plastic box