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Troika! Numinous Edition


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Troika! describes itself as…

…a science-fantasy RPG where players travel by eldritch portal and non-euclidean labyrinth and golden-sailed barge between the uncountable crystal spheres hung delicately across the hump-backed sky.

Troika! is a wonderfully open-ended d6 RPG system full of surreal and psychedelic illustrations. It contains approximately 1 sentence of setting, 36 character backgrounds, 10 or so pages of rules, spells and items, a bestiary, and an introductory adventure. It is also a jumping off point for a wondrous universe of additional modules, both published by the Melsonian Arts Council themselves, and fans of the game alike.

If you’re looking for wild, realm-hopping adventures that give you room to explore and create, or perhaps interested in exploring the wide and varied spheres you’ve seen hinted at in the larger Troika-verse, this book is the place to start.

  • Full-color, 116 page hardcover

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Melsonian Arts Council


Fantasy, Psychedelic, Sci Fi

RPG Systems


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Gamebook, GM-required, OSR

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