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You are a Monster. Everyone is.
But something much worse lurks within these haunted woods. It seeks to pluck your identity from your body and glut itself on it. You have only your companions, your sword arm, and the stars to see you through.

Trespassers is a Powered by the Apocalypse-based, woodland folk-horror game in which 3-5 creatures (including the Guide) undertake a quest into a cursed forest. While the creatures may all feel differently about their monstrousness, they soon realize they are willing to fight literal demons to hold onto themselves. Great for collaborative storytellers, body horror fans, and those who wish to explore failure, complication, and drama.

  • While your character cannot die unless you decide they should, this story’s villains are exploitative, identity-stealing demons and players sensitive to poor popular depictions of dissociative identity disorder might find enough parallels to be upsetting
  • Requires 2d6 for each Trespasser
  • 84 pages with black and white illustrations throughout

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Dark Fantasy, Horror

RPG Systems

Powered By The Apocalypse

RPG Terms

GM-required, One-Shot, Storytelling

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