Topps Dinosaurs Attack



What if a time tornado sucked sucked up a horde of dinosaurs and other prehistoric fauna and deposited them into the modern world of 1988? And what if those terrible lizards were HELLBENT ON CARNAGE AND HAD A BOTTOMLESS THIRST FOR BLOOD?????

That pretty much sums up the premise of this wild card line Topps, a spiritual successor to their Mars Attack line from 1962. These cards depict outrageous scenes of time-warped gore. All cards also have neat little newspaper articles on the back describing the horrific events depicted. You might think to yourself, “gosh, I’m pretty sure Parasaurolophus are herbivores and wouldn’t eat children out of school bus like that,” to which I would ask if you have considered that they’re killing purely for sport?

Fun fact: we almost got a movie adaptation of this trading cards line from Tim Burton instead of Mars Attacks, but then apparently Jurassic Park came out and Burton canned the idea. Thanks for nothing, Spielberg.

  • Printed in 1988 by Topps
  • Each Wax Pack contains 5 cards, one sticker, and one INEDIBLE stick gum
  • The stickers don’t stick anymore, I tried, it’s a bummer, they’re best left on their card.
  • DO NOT EAT THE GUM, it’s 35 years old, I FREAKING WARNED YOU
  • Because of their age, cards may stick together and slightly degrade the print.

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Comedy, Horror, Prehistoric, Sci Fi