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TOKEN is a game about a hero and monster circling each other in a haunted forest, offering gifts and signs of their intent—the story ends when they meet and face one another at last.

Token is a rules light, narrative-rich duet game for fans of dark fairytales and two-person dramatic tension. You are the Seeker, a failed hero with a troubled past, drawn inexplicably toward the mystery of the forest. Or perhaps you are the Dweller, once human, transformed into a monstrous creature who stalks the woods.

The game unfolds as Seeker and Dweller begin to communicate with one another, building trust and showing their intentions through symbols – gifts, gestures, offerings. Tokens. What will occur when the pair meets at last? Redemption? Attraction? Violence? Tragedy? Or will the forest simply claim them both before they can conclude their dance?

  • 74 pages, perfect bound, b&w cover and interior

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Gabriel Robinson, Glowing Roots Press


Dark Fantasy

RPG Systems

Rooted in Trophy

RPG Terms

Duet, GM-Less, One-Shot, Storytelling

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