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Together Among The Stars Deluxe Bundle


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This is the ideal way to traverse the cosmos. 

A Knave of Cups deluxe bundle is an excellent gift for yourself or anyone, really, from experienced TTRPG players to total beginners. Deluxe bundles include a color Risograph-cover edition of a game as well as everything one might need to get started – unique, beautiful gameplay accessories hand-selected by Ayo and Jen for maximum aesthetic impact. Our goal is that any person, regardless of gaming background, acquires from a deluxe bundle the seeds with which to grow an imaginative, immersive experience.

Together Among The Stars is a duet journaling game from designer Takuma Okada in which two players use a six-sided die and a standard deck of cards to explore unknown planets, recording descriptions and sketches of all they find in their ship’s log. Worlds and their features are created through a collaborative process of imagining, while game prompts guide the way. Adventures can take from as little as an hour to as long as the duo wishes to continue, while the experience of discovered planets can be as peaceful or as dynamic as the players wish.

Our Deluxe Together Among The Stars Bundle includes a Risograph-print edition of Together Among The Stars, one large 30mm Chessex Nebula Nocturnal glow-in-the-dark die, a deck of Bicycle Stargazer Observatory playing cards, and a mini journal – the ship’s log – as well as other fun surprises like trading cards, stickers, and bonus art, all thoughtfully packaged in a wax-sealed gift box.

The risograph edition of Together Among The Stars Bundle is a handmade zine that uses a vibrant, 3-color risograph-print for its cover. The interior pages are black and white. Each risograph print is unique and will have slight variations and imperfections. Zines come in a protective foil bag to help prevent the print from smudging.

  • Includes: one Risograph cover copy of Together Among The Stars, one 30mm Chessex Nebula Nocturnal die, one deck of Bicycle Stargazer Observatory cards, one mini sketchbook, and a few surprises
  • Assembled with love by Knave of Cups

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