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Our actions shape our future, a fate which will shape us in turn. Will this form be desired or detested? Only the one reading the cards can decide what they want to become.

To Change is a rules-light TTRPG where players will find themselves faced with a shared experience of a transformation in the body and mind. Whether the change is something terrible to be avoided or something wonderful to be pursued, whether it is something enigmatic or anticipated, the possibilities are limitless. The system is setting agnostic, with adventures that span a wide range of genres to cover themes of body horror and lost humanity, as well as self discovery and the joy of taking on a new form.

To Change is a delightfully weird and subversive tarot-driven game all about transformation: a game about both body horror and body euphoria, where players slowly transform into something else, something new (a horse, a dinosaur, a mermaid, a slime creature, etc) edging closer and closer to their change becoming permanent. Will you revel in your new form? Or reject it?

Notably, To Change comes with special rules regarding transgender changes as well as transformation specific safety guidelines. The book is chock full of scenarios and original art, as well as rules and scenarios designed for solo journaling. And as if all that transformation goodness wasn’t enough, these copies are accompanied by a physical 22 card major arcana deck!

There’s no sexually explicit content in To Change, but its subject matter is inherently queer and centered around player characters’ relationship with their bodies. It’s designed as a space where players can explore concept of gender and desire in a fantastical setting: a game of self-exploration, including exploring becoming a hot werewolf, should you choose to do so.

PDF download included
  • Full-color, A5, 208 page softcover
  • 22 card deck of the Tarot Major Arcana

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Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Horror, Sci Fi, Surrealism

RPG Terms

Diceless, One-Shot, Solo, Storytelling, Tarot-driven

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