three draughts from the well of hardships


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You, unfortunate traveler, have come to the Well of Hardships. Look around as long as you want: time will not change this place, will not soften the unforgiving stone of the well,  will not grow green things from the bare dirt around it, will not free you of the persistent of someone watching, somewhere from the trees.

three draughts from the well of hardships is a short, contemplative, and melancholy journaling game inspired by folklore. You are a traveller who has reached a magic well, and must drink from it and be tested, after which it will grant you a boon. Each drink is flavored by the losses and sacrifices you have made to get here.

This hand-made zine was produced by the Fairy Throne Zine Club, a monthly zine subscription from creators Emma Conner and celloandbehold. The zine is designed to be written on and modified as you play, with imagery and layout inspired by bark and forests.

  • Initially released as part of the Fairy Throne Zine Club
  • 12-page, handmade, full-color, staple-bound zine

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The Fairy Throne Zine Club



RPG Terms

Journaling, Non-Violent, Solo

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