this world is not yours


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The world is slow to change, yet ever-changing, and we are mere players on tiny stages that we have somehow managed to make revolve around us. Fortunately, the world continues to spin despite our attempts to slow down time. With our time here, where should our focus lie? On ourselves? On the world around us? On each other?

Ultimately, what legacy are we leaving behind when it is time to pass on, and what are we giving to those who come after us?

this world is not yours is an introspective duet RPG in which you’ll ponder human connection and the spaces we shape with our presence. One player takes on the role of the Family, the second player, the role of the House. Together, you’ll be affected by three things: Events, Environments, and Emotions. Follow the Family as they experience Events both big and small, from births and deaths to misplaced jewelry and new hobbies. The House experiences changes in Environments – bad weather, new construction, a fresh coat of paint. Emotions, however, affect us all – humans and the places we inhabit. Explore feelings within the Family or as they imprint upon the walls of the House.

Includes rules for solo play, Event/Environment/Emotion suggestions, and scenarios written by Knave of Cups pals Danny Quatch and Samantha Leigh.

  • 32-page A6 size zine
  • Requires a stack of notecards, something to write with, and deck of playing cards for solitaire play (optional for duet play)
  • Inspired by Ben Robbins’ Microscope

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Press Pot Games, Travis D Hill


Slice of Life, Surrealism

RPG Terms

Duet, Solo, Storytelling

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