This House is Haunted

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A myriad of macabre manifestations for your tabletop explorations of haunted mansions and the supernatural!

48 Pages of encounters, and tables to add to your already creepy crawl through an old gothic haunt.

Entries include such monstrous entities as The Gibbering Doll, The Collector, and The Doctor. Also included are d666 Creepy Things, What’s Under the Stairs, and What’s in the Box, and so much more!

This House is Haunted is pretty much what it says on the label: It is an adventure module for generating a house, and that house is extremely haunted. It’s not low-key haunted, this house is chock-full of nasty ghouls.

This book is a collection of gruesome and chilling generators and charts to help you assemble an eerie, gory, and highly-memorable haunted house for your players to explore. Generators are evocative but light on details, so as to be flexible and fit into any campaign. There are man-eating plants, haunted mannequins and dolls, gruesome meals, creepy clowns and surgeons, and a fantastic d666 chart of foul spice to sprinkle into your game. Stat blocks provided are written with B/X in mind, but are easily adapted to the game system of your choice, and the claustrophobic but slick typography and illustrations give this book a moody and modern horror sensibility.

  • 48-page, full-color, 10″ x 7″ perfect-bound softcover


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