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These Stars Will Guide You Home


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These Stars Will Guide You is a solo journaling game of a group of sailors exploring an archipelago in search of a new home.

You are their captain, a famous navigator trained in the art of finding your away by looking at the stars. You know which stars to look for, the long-forgotten wisdom that each of them will guide you to at least one island. But will you decide on a new home before your ships are beyond repair? What will the poems written about this journey say?

These Stars Will Guide You Home is a two-part, solo journaling, map-making, storytelling hexcrawl. Yes, all of those TTRPG keywords do fit into one sentence. Positively mythical, we know. Inspired by Homeric journeys, epics like the Illiad and the Aeneid, this game unfolds across two eras.

First, play from the perspective of The Captain. You’re on a quest, searching your world via hex-map and playing card draws. Lead your fleet of thirteen ships, discover new lands, flee from peril, and triumph over foes. If you are lucky, you’ll find a place your people can call home.

Fast forward one hundred years.

Now you are a settler’s descendant, preparing to record the story of your people. Facts, however, become muddy over time, and our perspectives on the past become slippery through the lens of history. You’ll pull four playing cards from the stack that comprised The Captain’s original journey – this is all that remains in your people’s collective memory. You possess only this information and your own bias, shaped by a major event your people endured in the last century.

With all this at your fingertips, now, beg favor from the muses and sing your tale.

  • Illustrated by Fernando Salvaterra
  • Includes two A5 zines, 12 pages and 24 pages, as well as an Atlas hex-map for your travels

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Fantasy, Historical, Nautical

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GM-Less, Hexcrawl, Journaling, Map-making, Solo, Storytelling

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