The Weeps

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The Weeps is a new absurdist funny-sadventure from the brilliant minds of Tony Jaguar and Spooky Rusty. Help the  crazy folks of Precious Pearl Town cure their maladies by venturing through the Cry Cry Woods and returning with miracle water. It’s got the devil and other surprises in it

Playing Cairn? Want to add a surreal, thematically tearful twist? The Weeps was originally created for the A Town, A Forest, A Dungeon Jam and, indeed, includes all three of these things for your crew to explore. Precious Pearl Town, home to a variety of sad personalities. The Weeping Forest, a mysterious, sometimes dangerous (but always interesting) place full of creatures and magic (and a healing lake). And, of course, the crumbling Guano Mines – are they full of treasure? If you can find them (and find a way in) maybe you’ll make some treasured memories?

  • An adventure module for Cairn
  • Includes 14 NPCs, a forest with 20 encounters, a 7-room dungeon, 9 creatures, and more
  • Originally created for the A Town, A Forest, A Dungeon Jam in June 2023

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Spooky Jaguar, Spooky Rusty, Tony Jaguar


Fantasy, Surrealism

RPG Systems


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Adventure Module, GM-required

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