The Visitor


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Wanna meet someone weird?

The Visitor is a system-agnostic generator that allows you to encounter a variety of strange, wonderful, terrifying, and/or incomprehensibly awe-inspiring extra-dimensional beings. Grab your polyhedral dice and roll to determine your visitor’s appearance, language, disposition, complications, and more, then insert your new friend into a campaign via the adventure system of your choice! Includes ten tables’ worth of inspiration – story hooks, locations, vessels, magical items… you get the picture.

Between mirages and starry night skies, the desert bears witness to visitors crossing from worlds out of time. Their extraplanar vessel seems magic and their appearance is utterly alien.

What motivates them? What complications do they face? What power do they have? Roll to find out!

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Brooklet Games


Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Psychedelic, Sci Fi, Surrealism

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Adventure Module, Generator

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