The Tombs of Agalosh


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The sacred seal has come undone, the tombs cry out again!

For an Age and beyond the wizzards of Agalosh have languished in their ancient halls, trapped there by the Gods they dared dethrone! Fearful of phantoms and breathless things, the wizzards fled deeper and deeper into their dungeon-tombs, hoarding in pits their spells and things of gold…

Love the psychedelic-collaged, vibrant, roll-your-own fantasy world of CYST? Rejoice, for CYST’s own creator has blessed you with a fresh adventure! Grab your d8s and enjoy eight fresh character backgrounds, eight spirits, eight creatures, eight wizzards, and eight subterranean encounters. Ready to go? Use your 4d8 generator to fill the wizzards’ hallowed halls with surreal threats and get to it!

  • A mystically psychedelic adventuring location for CYST
  • 16 page, full-color A6 zine

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Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Psychedelic, Surrealism

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Adventure Module, OSR

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