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The Taming of the Slugiraffe


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Ever seen a charming solo dungeon crawl? We’re talking watercolor illustrations, cute names, and a noble quest. The Taming of the Slugiraffe is here! Grab your polyhedral dice and a handful of tokens and become a Giblet! What’s a Giblet?

…a small background fantasy creature – the kind of thing that gets kicked off a cliff (without being hurt) for comic relief in films and TV. You and your people live a happy life, but there is a story of a mystical creature that once would ferry and care for your tribes. You wish to return your people to this bountiful golden age – but to do this you must find, and tame, a SLUGIRAFFE. The only place they exist is within THE PIT. You, brave GIBLET, must descend to find the creature, and return a hero.

  • Requires a polyhedral dice set and a handful of additional d4 dice to play – additional character sheets, tokens, and maps available on the game’s itch page
  • 20 pages, full color
  • Created for ZineQuest 2022 on Kickstarter

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Comedy, Fantasy

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Dungeon Crawl, GM-Less, Solo


ADA Press