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The Sealed Library


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The Sealed Library is a game about the preservation of knowledge and the lengths we will go to in order to preserve things that are bigger than us.

You play the only person capable of saving the collective knowledge and culture of your civilisation. You believe you can save it, some of it. The questions are what will you save and how much of it will you save? You even think you might be able to escape afterwards, but that remains to be seen.

In The Sealed Library, you play as the last librarian in the greatest library in history. The library has ben beset by invaders, and they will inevitably break the barricades and enter. While you have life left within you, you try to lock as many precious texts as you can in the vault, hopefully saving the knowledge within for future generations.

A moving and contemplative horror-adjacent experience, this is one of the first Wretched & Alone games to follow the Wretched, and is by one of the co-authors of the W&A SRD, Matt Sanders. Like other W&A games, it makes use of a deck of cards, a d6, and a tumbling block tower (although the block tower can be substituted.) These copies of The Sealed Library come with a matching sticker and bookmark.

If you’d like to check out a review of this game, friend of the store Cassi Mothwin has a full review on her site.

  • Full-color, 14-page, saddle-stitch zine
  • Comes with sticker and bookmark.

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Sealed Library


Fantasy, Historical

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Wretched & Alone

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