The Publishing Goblin’s Oracle Dice (2nd Edition) Oracle Decks


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Each die is connected to a Lord, an entity that rules over the die and its themes. Find the full art of all 21 Lords in the guidebook, in their own oracle deck, or in art prints on the Backerkit campaign. The dice are no longer faceless symbols, they are not entities in dialogue with one another, and now you finally have names to blame when the reading tells you what you weren’t ready to hear.

Look, we know the title is a mouthful, but these are an impressive and thoughtful set of oracle cards, so hear us out.

These oracle cards are designed to be used in tandem with the Publishing Goblin’s Oracle Dice system, and can be used to supplement your readings or in place of the dice in situations where dice rolling may not be practical. They come in two decks: a lushly illustrated 22-card “Lords” deck, where each card represents one of dice in the system and that dice’s corresponding metaphysical lord, and a 137 dice-face deck, where each face of each die is represented as a card. Both decks can be used to add structure or additional detail to your readings using the dice, or they can be used as their own standalone oracle system.

Knave of Cups is offering these decks in two flavors: Both decks together for the full experience, or just the Lords deck for the budget oracle deck appreciator.

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