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The Publishing Goblin’s Oracle Dice (2nd Edition) Bundle


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Before a prepared table, by candle light, you shake the loose dice in your hands and picture your query. Throwing the dice over the table, you lean in to read what the fates, spirits, gods, or demons might answer. These 21 Lords of the Dice. You read the truth from their faces, and find it was the answers you already knew, but couldn’t admit… not yet. Seeing it across the table somehow makes it more real, though. You know what you need to do. You always have.

Astragalomancy, or cubomancy, is an ancient practice of using dice for divination, dating back at least as far as ancient Greece. There’s always been something magical feeling about dice: tumbling solids guided by chance, or perhaps the hands of fate.

This set of 21 six-sided dice has been designed by expert diviner the Publishing Goblin for maximum creativity and guidance in your readings, as well as ease of use. The dice come with a guidebook, a double-sided reading mat, and copies purchased from Knave of Cups also come with a matching journal for recording your readings. If you’re interested in a unique and robust divination tool with an enchanting physical presence, these dice are for you.

These dice are unique to their own system, and can be read on their own or with a reading mat, over the top of a tarot reading, or with other charm or rune casting divination systems. Their simple intuitive symbols make reading easy, but their presence in physical spaces for castings greatly change and expand on their meanings.

In addition, if you’d like to enhance and expand your divination experience, there are not one but TWO matching oracle decks that can be used to supplement readings with this system.

Each set includes the following:

  • 21 unique six-sided dice in a velvet bag
  • Double-sided reading mat
  • Guidebook and divination journal


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