The Portal at Hill House


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You have heard of the house for many years, but never sought it out, assuming the endeavor wouldn’t be worth your time. Or worse yet that you would find exactly what you always feared.

Yet, something drew you towards its estate—a power, a thread dangling from the unwinding hem of a shirt, longing to be pulled. Reason and history warned you not to make the journey, not to cave to those newly-formed, yet eons-old, desires to seek out the house. However, now you are here…

The Portal at Hill House is a solo RPG in our favorite tradition: encountering surreal, perhaps dangerous worlds… all on your own. An inter-dimensional tear threatens reality as we know it but you, a (very brave!) urban explorer, can close it. All you know? Three objects hold the key to your success. Explore the rooms of Hill House, each a doorway to a singularly wild world. Can you mend reality? Hold chaos at bay?  Or will you become overwhelmed by the glorious strangeness of another plane, lost forever?

  • 20-page A6 zine
  • Requires a deck of playing cards, one d6, and paper
  • Hill House contains 13 rooms to map and explore – Jen loves this very much and thinks this game has strong House of Eternal Return vibes

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Lindi Farris-Hill, Press Pot Games, Travis D Hill


Horror, Surrealism

RPG Terms

Journaling, Map-making, Solo, Storytelling

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