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The Outcast is a solo RPG about reputation and redemption. Your character has been ostracized by a community they were once part of because of a mistake they say you made. You embark on a lonely journey fulfilling missions to try and restore your reputation.

A wanderer, ostracized from their community. They carry with them a few skills that help them navigate this world, and few dark clouds that follow them. They have something to prove: They’re on a mission to set things right.

The Outcast is setting-less, designed either to fit with the pre-existing setting of your choice, or it offers spark tables for world inspiration. It uses a unique 2d6 system with a light and dark die, and notably has a handful of helpful oracles to help inspire you whenever you feel stuck in your solo play. Play is structured around “missions” your outcast completes to attempt to bring them back into good standing with their community… or potentially leave things worse than when they started.

The outcast is a elegant and thoughtful solo game that gives just enough structure to flesh out classic tales of the search for redemption.

  • 28 pages, A5, saddle stitched, color cover, B&W interior

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Cezar Capacle


Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Historical, Sci Fi

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GM-Less, Solo, Storytelling