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The Lords of Bile Keep


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Squirting Squires spread the word, let all the toad-things know! Bile Keep is lost!

The Lords of Bile Keep is a slime-drenched adventure zine set in the acrid bile lands, where you will come upon goblins, witches, gargoyles and more! The land’s fabled Bile Keep has stopped pumping slime into the earth, while the Bile Lords remain silent in their citadel! What ill fate has befallen them, for all their lands to crack and dry?

The Lords of Bile Keep is the latest game from creator Jamzilla. It tells the tale of the titular Bile Lords, who rule over the Bile Keep, a fortress once known for the sludge and slime it covered the land in. Now the keep is plagued by the magicks of the Wicked Witch, who chokes its once foul gutters with green thorns and vines. Who will prevail? The ancient Bile Lords or their flowering nemesis?

The Lords of Bile Keep is a self-contained rules-ultra-light game, but also could be easily adapted to work with your favorite system of choice. Contains 6 character backgrounds, d12 encounter tables, 20 random encounters, and a micro adventure and dungeon crawl.

  • Full-color, 40 page, A6 saddle-stitch zine.


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Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Psychedelic

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GM-required, OSR

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