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The Little Book of Spells


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You are minions, summoned by wizards to perform menial tasks. Your Dark Master has recently moved into a cosy little sorcerer’s tower. As usual, some things have gone astray during the move, only this time, you seem to have lost the Dark Master’s book of spells.

Stuff gets lost during a move! That’s just the way it works! The Little Book of Spells is a “dice and decision” RPG, part world-building tables, part storytelling adventure, part party game. You and your pals are tiny magical minions and you’ve really messed up this time. Don’t worry, you’ve got a great plan: you’re going to re-write your boss’ spell book from scratch! You’ll do great! They won’t even notice it’s gone!

Easy to pick up, even for RPG newbies. Can be played over sessions without needing to start over.

  • 24-page A6 zine with a 250gsm cover
  • Requires a set of polyhedral dice to play

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Estragon Helmer


Comedy, Fantasy

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