The Lighthouse at the Edge of the Universe


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At the edge of the Universe, you are the keeper of the Lighthouse. High in the top of the lighthouse, you witness strange lights dance, hear the solar winds whispering fortunes in your ears and see shoals of sky fish migrating past. Complete maintenance tasks, take down observations, and weather the ups and downs of being in space. Maybe you’ll find some solitude and peace in the under the dark, lonely sky.

Wait! Did you want your Solo Lighthouse Experience cold, haunted, and plagued with the looming dread of the seas? That’s this lighthouse game.

Everyone who’s still here, we’re guessing you’d prefer a more contemplative, surreal take. Peaceful, maybe a little magical. An important job, no doubt, but also a place to reflect amidst the quiet weirdness of space. Yes, space. A space lighthouse is perfect for this. With plenty of tasks to complete, events to experience, and entities to meet, The Lighthouse at the Edge of the Universe provides a great nightly relaxation ritual before you slumber. Observe shoals of shimmering void creatures and keep galactic travelers safe as you wind down from the pace of your day.

AND, as if that wasn’t cool and awesome enough, the zine includes a TINY PAPERCRAFT LIGHTHOUSE to build and serve as a focal point and imaginative aid in your journal entries. A tiny space you create to illuminate a vast universe.

  • Requires a d6 die, a coin, a deck of playing cards, and a way to record your observations
  • 32 pages, A6, b&w (blue and white) cover and interior
  • Includes a post card mini-game

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Lost Ways Club


Fantasy, Nautical, Slice of Life, Surrealism

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Journaling, Non-Violent, Solo, Storytelling

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