The Last Sol


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You awake to alarms and flashing red lights. Every warning on your ship’s console is flashing at you, and there is smoke rising outside the windscreen. Beyond it, you can make out a strange reddish landscape, and an impossibly near horizon.

The Last Sol is a “dice and decision” solo game: part choose-your-own-adventure, part strategy, and part sci-fi storytelling. You’re a pilot stranded on a strange, hostile world. Your ship is heavily damaged but you have rations, a little bit of power in your engine, and your EV suit. If Sol 0 is the day you crashed, you have until Sol 7 before everything runs out. With only your wits, your tools, and your trusty d6 die, can you manage the repairs? Call for help? Maybe even fix your ion drive? Good luck!

  • 20-page handmade A6 zine with a 250gsm cover
  • Requires a d6 die as well as paper and pencil

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Estragon Helmer


Sci Fi

RPG Terms

Gamebook, Solo

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