The Last Sabbath


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This book features slightly-spicy imagery and is not intended for younger readers!

Tis the season for forest pacts, haunting shadows, sharp teeth and flowing hair and arcane sigils.

Celebrate with the graceful, ominous magic of The Last Sabbath, a storytelling journaling game for one or more players. Record the history of your coven in seven acts, from its origins and founding, to the discovery of a great threat, to your research and training, to the inevitable battle that follows. Divination tools like tarot cards and tea leaves unfold the events but use your magic wisely – witches pay for their miracles with their hours, their memories, and sometimes, their lives.

The Mother’s Call has many forms: a whisper in the wind, a light from the bottom of the sea, symbols that are magically engraved upon the skin … if you choose to answer, the place where you will receive the Power will be revealed to you.

From the rite of Initiation to the confrontation with a terrible Threat, to proceed in History you will have to interpret the Signs of what is about to happen using the tool of your choice: tarot cards, runes, dice or coffee grounds. You have no limits, the choice is free, as is the duration and the very nature of the tale, good or evil, redeeming or catastrophic… in the Grimoire you will nevertheless find many ideas that you can use to proceed towards your Destiny.

If you’d like some extra witchiness for your game, we have a few copies of the Last Sabbath Grimoire, a 36 page book of optional story prompts for each phase of the game to add spice and spark storytelling for your your coven.

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Atropo Kelevra, Fire Key, Valentino Sergi


Dark Fantasy, Fantasy

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GM-Less, Solo, Storytelling, Tarot-driven


Core Rules Only, Rules & Grimoire

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