The Jester King’s Dance

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How amazing is Pandion Games’ creative range? On one side of the spectrum lives pastoral gem Badger & Coyote, in which two unlikely animal friends work together to do mild mischief. On the other side of the spectrum is this game: The Jester King’s Dance. A grim, supernatural mystery, The Jester King’s Dance follows a force of chaos and suffering as they arrive in hell to find its demonic legions already huge fans of their earthly exploits. They’re crowned The Jester King. With no memory of their life, this soul must perform one final time, re-discovering and revisiting their best – or worst – torments in the hope of, perhaps, absolution.

This is not a family-friendly game. This is a dark game. And this is a solo game, so you’ll be journaling it all by yourself.

Hats off to you, Pandion Games, for concept as well as the supplied cautionary language (reproduced below).

  • Creator’s note: The author of this game felt uncomfortable several times while writing this game, you will likely feel uncomfortable while playing it. Please take care of yourself. While not explicit, the following topics can easily arise during play: shame, humiliation, death, torture, isolation, murder, violence, abuse, memory loss, negligence, suicide, sex, religion, demons, subservience, control, gas lighting, brutality, betrayal, exploitation, trafficking, drowning, starving, dehydration
  • Requires a deck of playing cards and a set of polyhedral dice to play
  • 16 pages, A5 saddle stitch, black and white throughout

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Dark Fantasy, Horror, Mystery

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GM-Less, Journaling, Solo, Storytelling

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