The Hunted

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“Okay, here’s your motivation. You’re lost, you’re angry in the woods, and no one is here to help you.”

– Joshua ‘Josh’ Leonard, The Blair Witch Project

Wanna spend a little time simmering in sylvan dread? Into ensemble-cast supernatural survival movies? Love a creepy solo game but wish you could bring your friends along? Enter The Hunted, a three-act framework for telling a cinematic folk horror story with a small group.

You’ve seen this movie: a free-spirited, adventurous crew treks into a forest. They have their problems, sure, but they’re friends and they’re having a good time. Until they aren’t. Something is following them. Watching them. Soon, they’re attempting to survive the attacks of a terrifying entity. But wait! They’ve heard of this thing – they tell stories, fill in the lore, try to figure out how to escape it, maybe even kill it. Will they succeed? And even if they do, what will they sacrifice? Who will be left alive?

  • A zero-prep folk horror RPG for 3-5 players and 1 guide (GM)
  • One-shot game, 2-4 hours
  • 36-page, 130gsm silk interior/250gsm silk cover, perfect bound softcover book

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Chris Bissette, Loot the Room



RPG Systems

Belonging Outside Belonging, Forged in the Dark, Powered By The Apocalypse

RPG Terms

GM-required, One-Shot, Storytelling

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