The Goblins & Gardens Tarot


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When the heroes have seized their loot and moved on to the next story, what happens to the denizens of the land?

Welcome to a world growing wild…

Welcome to a world where you will find no masters, no heroes, no rewards for quests complete, no spoils of war nor plunder of dungeons and no evil for good to meet.

Welcome to a world of day dreamers, water watchers, sun bathers, tree talkers, snow bank drifters, note scribblers, layabouts and lollygaggers!

Welcome to every story that’s ever been left behind.

The Goblins & Gardens Tarot reimagines adventure as a community garden.

Every card is a piece of art thoughtfully hand-collaged from a combination of real Dungeons and Dragons game books and real vintage gardening encyclopedias. With structure and imagery based loosely on the Rider-Waite deck, Goblins & Gardens’ Minor Arcana contains Succulents (Cups), Wildflowers (Wands), Fruits (Coins), and Ferns (Swords). Every card in the Major Arcana includes layers of detailed, symbolic fantasy imagery rooted in tarot meanings for both thoughtful readings and excellent vibes.

Includes a guidebook that expands on the meanings of each card with short, poetic explanations.

  • 78 oversized gold foil-edged cards – 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana
  • 24-page guidebook
  • Sturdy, matching storage box
  • Impeccable vibes

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Goblins & Gardens – Jonathan Sacha


Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Psychedelic

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