The Dungeones of Dunbar


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A dire shadow grows in the East. The crumbling keep of Dunbar, long thought destroyed, comes to life again. Wicked shapes now haunt those hills, while warriors stalk the roads. In dungeones deep in the dark below, the Dread-Sorcerer Morpeth prepares their final incantation…

Maximalist collage art! Strange fantasy! Rules lite play! It’s everything you’ve come to love from Jamzilla, creator of CYST.

Welcome to the psychedelic Crumbling World. Choose your path – aiding the Dread-Sorcerer Morpeth or the Lady Willa – and venture from Woden Hall to the cursed keep, Dunbar. Traverse the Woden Lands in style with an equally maximalist map, coin-based battles, and a d100 table of encounters to keep you busy on your journey.

  • Includes full-color, 32-page A6 zine and full-color, A3 fold-out map poster

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Fantasy, Psychedelic